Biden Dominates Early 2024 Primary, Solidifies Support Among African American Voters

Biden Dominates Early 2024 Primary, Solidifies Support Among African American Voters

In the inaugural 2024 Primary, Joe Biden showcased his electoral prowess, securing pivotal support from African American voters in South Carolina, a state he deems indispensable for his reelection bid.

Biden’s Stronghold Among African Americans

In the recent South Carolina contest, held Saturday, Biden secured a remarkable 96% of the vote despite nominal opposition. The first test under updated party rules, this primary gives South Carolina increased influence in Democratic presidential nominations. Half of the state’s Democratic voters are African Americans, a group Biden views as the Democratic Party’s essential foundation.

Increase in African American Voter Turnout

Early voting data, the sole racial breakdown available, reveals a 76% African American participation, a notable 13% surge from 2020. Jay Parmley, South Carolina Democratic Party’s executive director, countered the national narrative, emphasizing Black voters’ clear lack of ambivalence.

WSJ reports 76% African American early voting, a 13% surge from 2020. Parmley counters national narrative, emphasizing Black voters’ resolve.”

Clyburn Highlights Biden’s Unwavering Support in 2024 Primary

Clyburn, vital to Biden, praised Orangeburg County’s pivotal role in securing Biden’s 2024 Primary win, acknowledging its crucial contribution. The majority Black county, with 60% Black residents and two historically black universities, had a 11.3% turnout, the state’s second-highest. Clyburn emphasized on CNN’s State of the Union, “That demonstrates to me what I have been saying all the time, that Joe Biden has not lost any support among African Americans.”

Challenges and Opposition

Black voters were pivotal in Biden’s 2020 win. However, the Trump campaign capitalizes on polls indicating decreased Black support, especially on economic issues. Biden’s rival, Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota, placed third, promoting a generational shift and gracefully accepting defeat in the primary.

Turnout Dynamics in South Carolina

With over 130,000 voters participating on Saturday, a slightly lower figure than in 2020, South Carolina’s open primary allowed any voter to engage in either party’s election. Turnout on the Republican side is closely monitored, particularly as former Governor Nikki Haley, trailing Trump by 27 percentage points, relies on high turnout from independent voters in her challenge to the former president.

“Biden dominates 2024 Primary, securing 96% in South Carolina, reaffirming crucial African American support and momentum,” about WSJ Newspaper.

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