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Nikki Haley Political Action Committee Surpasses Trump Fundraising Efforts with Support from Financial District

Nikki Haley Super PAC Tops Trump with Wall Street Backing

Nikki Haley Super PAC, in a surprising turn of events, Nikki Haley’s Stand For America Fund Inc. has managed to secure a significant lead over Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again Inc. by raising an impressive $5 million more in recent fundraising efforts. This financial face-off reflects a notable shift in support, driven largely by […]

Trump and Biden assert that the general election has commenced, Haley dissents

Haley dissents as Trump and Biden Begin General Election

Haley dissents in a political spectacle, the former president secured a decisive victory in the New Hampshire primary. He established a substantial double-digit lead over Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador. The swift announcement of his triumph, mere moments after polls closed, resonated as a proclamation of his enduring leadership […]

Democrats Challenge Republican Steve Garvey on Trump Position in California Senate Debate

Republican Steve Garvey Over Trump Stance in California

Republican Steve Garvey, along with leading Democratic candidates Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee, engaged in a highly anticipated clash in a spirited debate ahead of California’s March 5 primary. The focus of the debate was on securing the seat left vacant by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein. “The intense debate among Garvey, Schiff, […]

Haley and Trump Showdown Takes Center Stage as DeSantis Exits GOP Race

Haley and Trump Showdown Takes Center Stage

Ron DeSantis unexpectedly withdrew from the Republican presidential nomination race just days before the New Hampshire primary. Now, the stage is set for a long-anticipated face-off between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump. Despite this unexpected turn of events, some argue that the timing may not be in Haley’s favor. DeSantis Exit Paves the Way The […]

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