Barack Obama Raises Concerns about Biden’s Reelection Campaign Structure

Barack Obama Raises Concerns about Biden's Reelection Campaign Structure

Former President Barack Obama expresses concern about the structure of President Biden’s reelection campaign, marking a significant political development. Engaging in direct conversations with Biden and sharing his thoughts with presidential aides, Obama advocates for granting the campaign more autonomy in decision-making, bypassing the need for White House approval, according to informed sources.

Focus on the 2024 Elections and Potential Trump Implications

A source reveals that Obama has shown considerable interest in the 2024 elections, especially in light of the potential return to power of former President Donald Trump. He recommends strengthening Biden’s campaign by either centralizing decision-makers in Wilmington, Del., or empowering the current team further. Barack Obama suggests using experts like David Plouffe, his 2008 campaign chief strategist, without specifying names, for Biden’s campaign.

Barack Obama and Biden’s Strategic Lunch

Obama and Biden discussed this matter during a White House lunch in recent months, a previously undisclosed meeting. During this gathering, Obama highlights the success of the structure of his 2012 reelection campaign, where key aides transitioned from the White House to lead the reelection efforts in Chicago. Biden keeps top aides at the White House, involved in key campaign decisions, differing from Obama’s approach of separation.

Shared Concerns about Trump’s Political Strength

Advocating for structural changes, Obama underscores concerns about Trump’s political strength. He highlights Trump’s loyal base, conservative media support, and national polarization as crucial advantages for the former president in 2024. These concerns are shared by prominent figures within the Democratic Party, including Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager.

Worries about Biden’s Current Campaign Structure and Internal Criticisms

Concerns arise over Biden’s campaign structure, as key advisers working from the White House cause delays in crucial decisions. Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin and other Democrats worry about their election prospects if Biden stays atop the ticket. Despite tensions and criticisms, Biden frustrates with his public standing, frequently expressing dissatisfaction with low poll numbers in private conversations with aides.

Biden Campaign’s Responses and Strategies

The Biden team is actively tackling challenges, confident he’ll be favored over Trump as the Republican nominee. Concerns linger over Biden’s support among younger and minority voters, especially regarding his handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Obama’s concerns about Biden’s campaign structure reflect worries about Trump’s political strength in 2024, said WSJ Print Delivery.

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First Major Official Campaign Event and Future Perspectives

Biden recently conducted his inaugural official campaign event in Valley Forge, Pa. In his speech, Biden slammed Trump as a democracy threat on the anniversary of the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack. Despite launching his reelection campaign in April, Biden has primarily limited his political activities to fundraisers and a few appearances at political rallies hosted by outside groups.

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