Home Sales in Canada Rebound with a Remarkable 8.7% Surge in December

Home Sales in Canada Rebound with a Remarkable 8.7% Surge in December

Home sales in Canada experienced a significant rebound in December, breaking a six-month downward trend. On Monday, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported an 8.7% rise in home transactions from the previous month. This marks the first positive movement since June.

Prospect of Lower Borrowing Costs

The prospect of lower borrowing costs encourages buyers, who attribute this resurgence. An economic slowdown spurs a buyer-friendly atmosphere as expectations of a central bank rate cut rise, enhancing opportunities for prospective buyers. Bond yield declines in November and December lower fixed-rate mortgage costs for buyers, anticipating central bank rate cuts.

The Allure of Affordable Real Estate Investments in a Shifting Market

Lower home prices and rising salaries are enhancing the attractiveness of property purchases for some households. Despite the national standard home price declining by 0.8% since November to C$730,400 ($543,710), there is an almost 1% increase compared to the previous year.

Housing Affordability in Canada: Risks Amidst Rate Adjustments

While housing affordability in Canada has reached historic lows, there is a risk of policy missteps as mortgage rates adjust in the coming years. The reduction of interest rates by the Bank of Canada to prevent a consumption slowdown could trigger increases in home prices and housing-driven inflation.

Anticipating a 10.4% Rebound in Home Sales Amidst Lower Interest Rates

Home sales in Canada experienced an 11.1% decline throughout the entire last year, marking the slowest pace since 2008. However, projections for this year are optimistic, with the board anticipating a 10.4% rebound in sales. Lower interest rates are expected to drive this surge, stimulating increased market activity.

Rate Adjustment on the Horizon

As activity slows, analysts predict a 100-point rate cut by the Bank of Canada in 2024, boosting home prices. Balancing rates to prevent a housing bubble amid adjustments poses risks and brings significant challenges to sustaining economic growth.

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